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" Using A Thorn to Remove A Thorn" Series :quote by Olaudah Equiano

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“In Bengali, we say “Kanta diye kanta tola” using a thorn to remove a thorn.”  By Nigerian Theologian Olaudah Equiano (1745-1791)

  • The above sketch is my interpretation of the Olaudah Equiano Theologian Equiano tried to claim St. Paul as a liberator. 
  • “We need to reclaim St. Paul in order to free ourselves from the structures of domination, otherwise by default he will remain in the possession of the dominant groups. “-Black Theology, Slavery and Contemporary Christianity: 200 years and no Apology, edited by Anthony G. Reddie
  • The Drawing: Sweet chariot it is not. The drawing is of a slave ship. Slaves are held in the bow of the ship. At the top of the ship, there is a multitude of crosses, crucifix, and statues of Christ. The oppressors manipulated the gospel. The crosses symbolize the twisted gospel/ thorn the oppressors were selling. A slave escapes and dives into the ocean where there are three other slaves waiting. Millions of slaves died at sea. I would title this image of the series “A Thorn and the Oppressor’s Chattel Slaves.”

  • Comment; I am exploring Paul and the Gospel. Please check back periodically and see images develop into sculptures. I hope to travel the paintings.