Michele Wood

Hypocrisy/ available for one woman show 2018

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Michele Wood/ Artist

Description for Hypocrisy painting: The Hypocrisy of American Slavery is a speech by Frederick Douglass delivered on July 4, 1852, in Rochester, New York, during the Fourth of July celebrations. Douglas was a former American slave and an abolitionist leader.The speech is an attack on the hypocrisy of America, celebrating freedom and independence with public events and celebrations, while millions of humans oppressed and kept as slaves nationwide.

The Hypocrisy painting is "the promise of the fish but received a snake" (Mathew 7-10). The pretense of clergy speaking the gospel but accumulated slaves. The first priest in America believed in slavery. The white lie of Christianity impacted the life of the African women and men slaves. The woman represent many women  who would endure laborious and grueling work, raped, whipped, auctioned, separated from family, and food rationed. Also, slaves would encounter coding because of the color of their skin. The image of Pope Paul III has a cross over his mouth in black. The Pope was censored and not honored. He was not free to publicly publish his Papal documents against slavery. Many people did not hear nor did they care that he was against slavery. Some clergy and laymen turned their backs and endorsed slavery.


"The promise of a fish but received a snake "by Celeste Williams (Mathew 7:10)