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Harvest Commission

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Dear Lord,

Yes, Love is what I hear when you are near. Tender are you to me. When I first fell in love with your art, it was when you released the Gift and vision of it to me. I felt free and uninhibited because it felt like it was really my style or something I had been drawn too all along. It was a relief from the colors of paint and filling every inch of the art with detail. I could breathe because it was simpler. 

Size: 24 x 36

Price: 2,500

Creativity: Allow the Artist creative space to allow the creation take shape. All will not be identical because they are original. There will be variations.

Need Photograph: Please take a photo of from a front view, left side view, right side view, the face is facing downward, and upward. 

Media: Natural handmade. paper. Papers are rare and sometimes not available and may alter the texture a bit. I will send images if I can not get on demand.  Alternative papers may apply at times. Papers bought after purchase.