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From Private to Public : 5Desired Commissions

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Dear All:

Private to Public Sale: LIMITED TIME ONLY

Five Desired  Portrait Commissions to establish the Lord's Will for my "We Are the Libraries of God"- Artist Ministry. Only seven will unfold within a guided time frame. Do you dare to walk from Bethany to Jerusalem with me and the Lord's Will?  The Lord's Will is for me to bear fruit and not wither the tree.  For he is the True Vine and I am the branch that dares to bear fruit!

Size: 48x60 or appropriate size to tell the story. 

Price: $2,500.00

Value 15,000.00

The 2,500.00  covers the material cost and my time and skill are donated to establish this part of my "We are the Library of God" L.L.C. Artist ministry. Delivery Charge may apply.

Example: FYI: Dick Blick Art supply Canvas cost is between 400-700 per Canvas. Not including brushes and paint. 


7149-4860 Elite Heavy-Weight Canvas Acrylic Primed 48" × 60" 1 1/2" List $587.00 $428.00 sale  $382.00 factory direct truck delivery
07149-4872 Elite Heavy-Weight Canvas Acrylic Primed 48" × 72" 1 1/2" List $653.00 $476.00 sale  $425.00 factory direct truck delivery
07149-5454 Elite Heavy-Weight Canvas Acrylic Primed 54" × 54" 1 1/2" List $620.00 $452.00 sale  $404.00


Go to the website and click the Menu Button locatedat the top left-hand corner of the current page. Proceed to click the Private to Public Sale 5 Desired Commission Portrait Paintings. You can place items in the shopping cart.

Details: It is my plan to call direct after holidays and solidify the commission project and time frame. Be sure to have a story untold to be revealed to me and for public view. Not all disclosed stories will be written for the public to be transparent but to be "hidden in plain view." A mock-up of the painting will be given prior to approval for painting. Particulars for the story will be given after purchase: photograph, and release for permission to show painting and more..

 For all paintings paid through certified checks payout, shipping will be complimentary and a 15% discount will be given.


Michele Wood


Minister of the Gospel, (MDiv)
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2016 Nominated for 47th NAACP Image Award 
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