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Ringling College of Art and Design

Continuing Studies

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Dear Hiring Program Coordinator:

Greetings. I am indeed honored to apply as the Continuing Studies Art Instructor at Ringling College of Art and Design. My Interdisciplinary collaborative program is one that I would like to teach at the Ringling College. As a professional Illustrator, I hope to engage students in creative art applications.

In my current role of Illustrator of Children’s Literature, I create historical and educational content for ages 8 and up. The books are utilize from elementary to University levels. The books incorporate educational content which teach history, shapes which are used in math classes, historian verifies information and most illustrations guide them by faith. The Art demonstrates color theory, balance, concept, design, and emotion. The relational aspect of the work engage the students in conversations that crosses generations.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your response.

Sincerely yours,


Michele Wood





Written by Michele Wood

Motto:”Every young mind can succeed with exposure to books that reflect and engage.”

Title: Henry Box Brown: Revealing Four Interdisciplinary Rays of reflection at the Point of Incidence by using Art, Text, Music, and Performing Arts.

Interdisciplinary Art, Text, Music with participation of Performing Arts exposes students to a variety of media, yet has the flexibility to build a cross-disciplinary art. As a national and international acclaim Illustrator, my children books are created for historical, educational and entertaining purposes. It will be research-based art and performance. The Art-form created will be engaging students on several learning styles: sight, hearing, feeling and communicating. Integrating the learning styles such as the non-verbal language of artistic development has much value not only to student and parent but to the Professor. It can teach students skills necessary for balanced development. The music element will enhance the subject and provide other sensory language and deepen the learning environment in the classroom.

In terms of Art and Design applicational principles will be able to form organizational visual elements in form of collaboration. In the collaborator  we will develop critical thinking, historical and aesthetic awareness and cultural diversity and literacy. The current discourse will embody performance characteristics , conceptual ideas that will engage the students spoken language and cross cultural differences.