Michele Wood is an illustrator, painter, filmmaker, designer, living in Indianapolis. She accomplished her Master in Divinity at Christian Theological Seminary, where she was the Artist in Residence 2015-2018.  She was awarded the Young Church Women United Award 2016.   Her first book, Going Back Home, was honored with an American Book Award. Wood’s second book, I See the Rhythm, written by Toyomi Igus, received the Coretta Scott King Award for Illustration. After illustrating Cynthia Grady's I Lay My Stitches Down, Wood was honored with the Ashley Bryan Award for Illustration, and in 2016, she was nominated for a  NAACP Image Award for the book Chasing Freedom. Wood is the concept person and illustrator for the book Like A Bird: the Art of American Slave Song children’s book selected one of New York Public Library 100 best book for kids. Ms. Wood recently completed a short film about the Levi Coffin Historical Site, titled “Two Abolitionist & the Artist.”