Transition to becoming

In the transition to becoming, there is a vulnerability, need for patience, tolerance, and space. In the space between you and me, I am a caregiver. I hold on to self-preservation because if I let go of myself in between that space I am no help. The voices of creativity will chatter because I am not creating. The root voice of vitality will be silenced. The threshold of creativity will be ignored. My mind would be my canvas as it has always been but more so because I could not execute the vision. The fight is in my deep rooted voice. I fight for you and me to have good times again as you asked yesterday. Age is not an enemy. I will not allow it. You and I will overturn age and make it upside down.

You are a divine beauty. Beauty is to be beheld in the eyes of the viewer. I love you with all my heart. In the space between you and me, we will meet with laughter and not tears.