Note to my younger self

As I tiptoe around my mother's living room trying hard not to wake her up, I am surrounded by my younger self in photos. Memories of the past caress my mind with joy and laughter. As I look at those almond shaped eyes, I want to tell her all the things that has transpired and what is to come. She is curious and anxious about her future. Not really knowing what she is doing but knows her life is guided by a greater Love. I want to say to her I made it and I am okay. At times, I have been shaken to my core but I still rise. I have been swept off my feet but I still landed. My shape has shifted but I am rocking it. No need for facelift you been blessed by your ancestral genes. Most of all you are loved by people you will meet and that is so good for the soul. Hope is your inspiration. So, keep hoping and praying you will make it.